Conditions of participation


Binding registration must be sent individually and in writing (registration form) to the German Wheelchair Sports Association (DRS e.V.), Department WCMX  via the methods specified in the invitation to tender. A registration form is included in each announcement. Oral, telephonic or incomplete registrations will not be considered. Multiple registrations will not be accepted.

The registration will be confirmed in writing by e-mail by the German Wheelchair Sports Association (DRS e.V.), Department WCMX. Without registration confirmation and complete payment, participation is not possible.

The participation fee is to be paid after receipt of the registration confirmation on the account mentioned in the registration. Collective transfers cannot be assigned and thus will not be taken into account.


Resignation is only possible until the closing date of the event. It has to be declared in written form to the department. A management fee of 15% of the
total amount will occur. On later incoming declarations, the participation
fee will be charged in full if the course cannot be awarded elsewhere.

Event cancellation

The department reserves the right to cancel events due to insufficient attendance or other unforeseeable circumstances. The fees are then returned to the participants. No further claims can be asserted.

The organizer and event host is liable for damages only within the limits and extent of the available liability insurance cover. The liability for further damage is expressly excluded. Likewise, there is no liability for sports and commuting accidents. Claims under the sports accident insurance contracts of Landessportbünde / DBS are not affected by this limitation of liability.

Health eligibility

By registering, the participant declares that he / she does not suffer from any health problems that make medical participation inappropriate or hazardous to health.
It is the sole responsibility of the participant, if necessary immediately before participation in the event, to have his / her health condition medically examined and his / her training condition to be fit for participation in the event.
Participation is at the participant’s own health risk.

General rules of conduct for participants:

Mutual consideration and respect are expected from everyone involved. The instructions of the officials are binding for all participants. Violations, as well as unsportsmanlike actions, can have an exclusion from the event as a consequence. The decision on an exclusion is made by the event management. In case of exclusion the participation fee will not be refunded.

Image rights:

By registering for this event, the participants consent to the publication of their images. The consent expressly includes all publications in media and presentations of the German Wheelchair Sports Association (DRS e.V.) and its partners.